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Automotive - Partners

With the Altair Partner Alliance, Altair has opened the HyperWorks Platform to leading partner applications. Customers can now use their existing HyperWorks units to gain access to critical third-party industry solutions, at no incremental cost and with unparalleled flexibility.

Partner solutions included in the Altair Partner Alliance applicable to the automotive industry:

Fatigue Analysis

CAEfatigue VIBRATION by CAEfatigue Ltd. efficiently provides fatigue damage/life calculations for components subjected to single or multiple random vibration load inputs. Deterministic loads can easily be mixed with random and static offsets to create complex load inputs. These capabilities are widely applicable across most industries, with major opportunities in the automotive and aerospace industries.
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DesignLife by nCode is the easiest to use, most powerful and flexible CAE fatigue and durability software on the market.
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FEMFAT by Magna Powertrain offers fatigue life prediction (FLP) of all vehicle components (engine, gearbox, chassis, frames, car bodies and structures) and machinery equipment based on Finite Element Analyses (FEA).
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FEKO by EMSS is a comprehensive electromagnetic (EM) analysis software suite, building on state of the art computational EM (CEM) techniques to provide users with software that can solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems.
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Computational Fluid Dynamics
SC/Tetra by Software Cradle is a thermo-fluid analysis system which is based on Finite Volume Method using un-structured mesh.
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