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Accelerate Product Development

HyperWorks Accelerates the Product Development Cycle

HyperWorks enables efficient product design, evaluation, optimization, and validation, which yield the insightful information and performance metrics necessary for sound business decision making.

More design ideas, alternative materials and manufacturing methods can be evaluated through simulation, thereby reducing the number of expensive physical models needed and speeding up the design process. The automation of routine and best-practice engineering tasks also permits a greater amount of virtual testing to be done efficiently, which mitigates product liability risks and results in higher quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations and regulatory requirements.

With sustainability top of mind for consumers and businesses alike, simulation-driven design allows you to create high-performing products using the least amount of material. Not only does this result in lighter-weight products, which conserve raw materials and reduce costs, but also it helps to lower the environmental impact of manufacturing, shipping, in-service operation, and recycling.

Simulation allows the cost-efficient exploration of countless “what-if” scenarios that are the engine of innovation. After all, generating diverse business options through new ideas is what allows businesses to gain market leadership and avoid competing on price alone.