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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
25/10/2016Roma Altair Event ATCx Elettromagnetismo
25/10/2016-27/10/2016München/ Germany Industry Event AIRTEC - München
25/10/2016-27/10/2016Manching, Germany Industry Event Strength2000 Training
26/10/201610 am EDT Webinar HyperWorks for Crash: Simulation with RADIOSS
27/10/20161:00pm ET Webinar Electromechanical Engineering for the Aerospace Industry Webinar Series
Design of Electromagnetic Actuators with Flux & Optimization
27/10/2016コングレスクエア日本橋 (東京) Altair Event ATCx 最適化ソリューションセミナー
30/10/2016-4/11/2016Austin, TX Industry Event AMTA 2016
Meeting and Symposium of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association
2/11/2016-3/11/201610 am EDT Webinar Global Best Practices for Automotive NVH Simulation
3/11/20161:00pm ET Webinar Electromechanical Engineering for the Aerospace Industry Webinar Series
Starter Motor Design - Generator
3/11/2016-7/11/2016Providence, Rhode Island Industry Event 2016 SNAME Maritime Convention
2016 SNAME Maritime Convention
8/11/2016London Altair Event Solving Real World Electromagnetic Problems | ATCx EM
9/11/201612:30 pm IST Webinar Global Best Practices for Automotive NVH Simulation: Asia Session
9/11/201610:00 am ET Webinar Introduction to ProteusDS & ShipMo3D by DSA
10/11/2016東京コンファレンスセンター・品川 Industry Event ISID CAEフォーラム "Think CAE,2016"
10/11/201610 am EDT Webinar Manufacturing Chain Modeling with Virfac Using HyperMesh
10/11/20161:00pm ET Webinar Electromechanical Engineering for the Aerospace Industry Webinar Series
Green Taxiing Application
13/11/2016-16/11/2016Miami, FL Industry Event IEEE CEFC 2016
The 17th Biennial Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation
14/11/2016-15/11/2016Loughborough, UK
Booth # A1
Industry Event LAPC 2016
Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference
15/11/2016-18/11/2016Frankfurt/ Germany Industry Event Formnext
15/11/2016-18/11/2016Bad Salzuflen/ Germany Industry Event FMB Messe
16/11/2016Farmington Hills, MI, USA Industry Event Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training
16/11/2016Bangalore | India Altair Event solidThinking Converge India
18/11/2016グランドハイアット東京 Industry Event Discovery Summit Japan 2016
21/11/2016Munich, Germany Altair Event CAEfatigue VIBRATION Aerospace Seminar
22/11/2016Paris - la Défense Altair Event Conférence Technologiue Altair sur la simulation électromagnétique
22/11/2016-23/11/2016Baden-Baden/ Germany Industry Event VDI Tagung: SIMVEC
29/11/2016TKPガーデンシティ品川 Industry Event System-level Engineering Symposium 2016(出展)
29/11/2016-1/12/2016Düsseldorf Industry Event Aluminium 2016
30/11/201610 am EST Webinar FEKO Webinar: Design Optimization with FEKO & HyperStudy
5/12/2016-9/12/2016New Delhi, India Industry Event APEMC 2016
6/12/2016-7/12/2016Newport Beach, CA Industry Event Cyclitech 2016
13/12/2016-15/12/2016Orlando, FL Industry Event POWER-GEN International
15/12/2016-16/12/2016日本機械学会(東京) Industry Event 1DCAE概念に基づくものづくり設計教育(第八弾):1DCAEによるものづくりの革新
日本機会学会 設計工学・システム部門企画