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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
14/12/2017日本ユニシス(株)6階 ユニシスプラザ・セミナールームB Industry Event 最新 鋳造テクノロジー紹介セミナー 2017(講演)
14/12/2017-15/12/201714h30 (France) Webinar Webinar Compose
19/12/2017京橋エドグラン 14F 13:00-17:10 Altair Event solidThinking無料体験セミナー
21/12/2017京橋エドグラン 14F 13:00-17:10 Altair Event solidThinking無料体験セミナー
6/2/2018-7/2/2018Böblingen, Germany Altair Event EM User Days 2018
8/2/2018-9/2/2018Orlando, USA Booth #116 Industry Event E-Drive 2018
E-Drive: Motor & Drive Systems 2018
21/2/2018Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry Altair Event UK ATCx Cloud Seminar
4/3/2018-8/3/2018San Antonio, USA Booth #913 Industry Event APEC 2018
APEC 2018
5/6/2018-7/6/2018Cleveland, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event CAASE18 2018
CAASE: Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering
10/6/2018-15/6/2018Philadelphia, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event IMS 2018
IEEE International Microwave Symposium - IMS 2018
24/6/2018-26/6/2018Milwaukee, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event EASA 2018
Electrical apparatus Service Association, Inc 2018
23/9/2018-27/9/2018Portland, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event ECCE 2018
Energy conversion Congress and Exposition 2018
4/11/2018-9/11/2018Williamsburg, USA Booth #TBD Industry Event AMTA 2018
AMTA 2018: Antenna​ ​Measurement​ ​Techniques Association
14/12/20189AM EST Webinar Webinar: Realizing the Digital Twin